The Best Motorcycle Insurers in the UK

Are you looking for the best motorcycle insurer in the UK? Worry not! The insurance market in the UK has many specialists and diverse big-brand names. Here are the best insurers for your needs. Learn what is unique and how each one of them can suit your insurance cover needs below.


Established in 1930, Bennetts is among the most reliable and efficient bike insurance brokers. They provide insurance cover for almost half a million riders in Great Britain. The insurer provides ninety days of European Union cover to policyholders.

Bennetts also covers sixteen customary modifications such as grippers, screen, and seat replacements. Their pricing is worth all the services insured in the event of an accident.

Carole Nash

Carole Nash is among the largest motorcycles and scooters in the UK, with amazing deals for all their policies. For instance, their comprehensive insurance caters for services such as breakdown recovery, theft, and a maximum of £100,000 in legal fees.

As an insurance specialist, Bennetts provides several policies to cater for your needs. Depending on how much you intend to spend on insurance, they will give you a tailored policy.


Devitt is a renowned motorcycle and scooter insurance specialist broker because of its competitive prices. They are among the most highly rated insurers by clients.

However, you will pay more money for additional covers such as legal assistance and personal accidents.

Hastings Direct

Hasting Direct is a famous insurance brand because of its pocket-friendly policies among clients and comparison websites. They also underwrite their policies.

Riders can choose their desired cover from either Hastings Direct or Hastings Premier. The two covers cater for EU trips and legal services.

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