All You Need to Know About Peugeot Motorcycles

This is a French motorcycle manufacturing company. The company is known for the production of small motorcycles and scooters. It acts as a subsidiary of Mahindra Two Wheelers. The Indian manufacturers own 100% of the Peugeot Motorcycles. Its headquarters are at Mandeure, France.


Peugeot Motorcycles was created in 1898. The company was able to build its first motorcycle in the same year using a De Dion-Bouton motorcycle. Peugeot absorbed Automoto in 1930. The company produced many models until the 1950s.

During that period, the company became the best French motorcycle manufacturer. Mahindra purchased 51% of the company in 2014. In 2019, Mahindra went ahead to purchase a 100% stake in the company.

The company has two manufacturing sites at Jinan, China and Mandeure, France. Peugeot produces 3-wheelers and scooters with engines rated from 50cc to 500cc. Peugeot Motorcycles sells scooters to about 60 countries in the world.

Models Produced

The company has produced incredible mopeds, scooters, and motorcycle models over the years. Some of the popular models are Peugeot 101, Peugeot Citystar, Peugeot Belville, Peugeot XPS, and Peugeot XR7. Scooters are their most loved models.


Peugeot got back to the highest level of motorcycle racing in 2016 through the Moto 3 project. The company participated in the Grand Prix Motorcycle race in 2016 and 2017. They were able to finish in 4th position for the two years they raced. The company withdrew from the motorcycle races to concentrate on the Formula E Championship.

Classic Peugeot scooters are still popular even as new models are produced. They are especially popular in the UK, where there are numerous dealers.

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